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Use this unique system to choose your preferred date and time to visit Orla for a physiotherapy session and book online today. You can book online any time and can cancel appointments online too.

What to expect at your Physio Appointment:

At the initial treatment session, Orla will take a detailed account of the problem, followed by a physical examination in order to make a clinical diagnosis.

The most appropriate treatment will be discussed and given at your first appointment. You will be advised on the estimated recovery time and self-management for a speedy return to full fitness.

orla madden helping release tension in feet biomechanical assessment and orthotic prescription

Physiotherapy aims to:

  • Encourage tissue healing by controlling and reducing pain and inflammation
  • Restore the patient’s normal range of motion by integrating their muscular, joint and nervous systems
  • Identify and treat problems and reduce the risk of recurrence

Your utmost care and privacy is assured at all time and all treatments will be carried out using modern up to date and research backed techniques. Questions always welcome!

Your Privacy is important

The data you submit in this booking form will be stored in Orlas Google Calendar for the purposes of adding the online booking to her schedule. None of your confidential data will be given to third parties and you can cancel your booking and thus remove all of your data from Orlas records any time.