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Whatever your ailment, here at Orla Madden Physiotherapy I aim to provide expert care and leave you satisfied with your treatment. At the initial treatment session, I will take a detailed account of the problem, followed by a physical examination in order to make a clinical diagnosis.

My physiotherapy aims to:

  • Encourage tissue healing by controlling and reducing pain and inflammation
  • Restore the patient’s normal range of motion by integrating their muscular, joint and nervous systems
  • Identify and treat problems and reduce the risk of reoccurrence
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Common Ailments & Injuries Orla Treats:

Treatments & Physio

Orla has many years of experience and training in all aspects of physiotherapy. She helps adults and children with injury recovery ranging from back and neck pain to occupational and sports injuries. Browse Orla's treatments below.

Manual Therapy

Manual Physiotherapy is the management of orthopaedic conditions using manual, hands-on therapeutic approaches. These include passive movement of joints and carefully controlled manually guided high velocity low amplitude thrust techniques (manipulation).

Dry Needling

Dry Needling is a very successful medical treatment which uses very thin needles, without any medication (a dry needle) to achieve its aim.  Dry Needling is used to treat pain and dysfunction caused by muscle problems, sinus trouble, headaches, and some nerve problems.

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy plays an important role in rehabilitation post-surgery to help reduce pain, swelling, and stiffness.

I am fully trained in post-surgery rehabilitation, which is important to avoid developing compensatory movements such as a limp following surgery of the leg.

Manual Lymph Drainage {MLD}

Manual Lymph Drainage aims to redirect fluid from swollen areas to healthy lymphatic vessels, transporting it back to the normal circulatory system. The treatment is very gentle and a typical session will involve drainage of the neck, trunk, and the affected extremity (in that order).

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